Generate additional income. Grow your business.

Generate additional income. Grow your business.

Sell on InstantX

Publish short Quick Guides that provide step-by-step instructions on how to execute digital marketing tasks.

Sell Quick Guides on InstantX

With InstantX you have the ability to share your digital marketing knowledge with others while generating additional income!

What is a Quick Guide?

Developed by digital marketing experts like yourself, Quick Guides are instructional documents that guide you through the process of executing certain digital marketing tasks.

  • The average Quick Guide is 1-2 pages in length
  • Breaks down a task into step-by-step instructions or templates
  • Provides answers in minutes

How does it work?

Making money has never been easier.

  • Choose a plan that best suits you. Sign up to become a seller
  • Upload your Quick Guide to the seller platform (.pdf, Word, Excel or mp3. files accepted)
  • Earn income each time your Quick Guide is purchased
  • VIP Seller Plan

    VIP Seller Plan

    Limited time offer until December 31st, 2023. 90-day free membership with no set up fee.

    In addition to selling Quick Guides on InstantX, you will receive a site-wide code to offer your network. When purchases are made with this code, you will receive a loyalty payment.

    90-day free trial
    $42.99/ month following free trial


    25% referral fee/ transaction

  • Individual Seller Plan

    Individual Seller Plan

    This plan is right for you if you a professional marketer selling on your own behalf.

    $4.99/ month

    25% referral fee/ transaction

    $6.99 one-time set up fee

Start selling today.

Turn your digital marketing expertise into profit.

Tips for selling Quick Guides

Keep the following in mind when developing Quick Guides:

  • Keep them short and concise: the average length of a Quick Guide is 1-2 pages. We do not recommend exceeding 15 pages
  • Simplify overwhelming tasks: break down into steps, use bullet points, simple language, include screen shots
  • Brand your Quick Guide: you have the option of using or tweaking our generic Quick Guide template
  • Sell your competitive advantage: optimize your seller listing, develop a compelling title for your product (one that's SEO-friendly, of course), ensure your products have an attractive, relevant thumbnail.
  • Offer competitive pricing: buyers tend to be from in-house marketing teams or beginner digital marketers
  • Update your content 3 time a year: keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry to ensure your products don't expire after 4 months


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