Quick Guides: Graphic Design

Quick Guides: Graphic Design

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  • Gift Card - Instant Marketing Expertise

    Gift Card - Instant Marketing Expertise

    Gift cards can be used to purchase products sold on Instant Marketing Expertise.

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  • How to Ensure Images are SEO-Friendly

    How to Ensure Images are SEO-Friendly

    This Quick Guide outlines 6 essential SEO steps to implement before uploading images to your website. Website image optimization is a key factor to consider in your overall SEO strategy. Whether you are optimizing your website images on your own, or a graphic designer is doing so on your behalf, this Quick Guide can be used as a reliable reference to ensure your website creatives adhere to best-practice SEO.Additional Quick Guide Details:Use this Quick Guide to:- Maintain a positive website experience by ensuring images on your website download promptly- Upload images to your website that are sized to meet Google Quality Evaluator Guidelines- Improve your SEOPage Count: 2 pagesFormat: PDFRequirements:- No SEO or technical experience is required to understand this Quick Guide- A computer and online connection- Basic computer skillsWhere's my download?Upon successful checkout, you will receive 2 emails. The first email will provide an order confirmation with receipt. The second email will include a link to the downloadable Quick Guide. You should receive the second email within 45 minutes of purchase. If you do not receive it within 45 minutes, please check your spam folder.



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