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Questions about selling instructional Quick Guides on InstantX? You are in the right place.

Is the Individual or the Professional Seller plan right for me?

The Individual Seller Plan is right for you if you sell fewer than instructional Quick Guides per month. The Professional Seller Plan is right for you if you sell 5 or more Quick Guides per month on InstantX.

What currency is seller pricing in?

The Individual and Professional Seller Plans are sold in US dollars.

I do not have a template for my instructional Quick Guide. Can I use InstantX’s template?

InstantX is happy to provide you a template on Microsoft Word, that you can then save, upload and sell as a pdf. To receive the template, contact us.

I do not have a graphic designer to help me format my Quick Guide and/ or seller listing. Can InstantX help me?

InstantX is happy to
connect you with professional graphic design support. To receive support, contact us.

What currency can I sell my instructional Quick Guides in? Can I sell in my own currency?

Instructional Quick Guides sold on InstantX must be sold in US dollars.

I am having trouble publishing my instructional Quick Guides on InstantX via the seller platform. How can I get support?

For support with
InstantX’s seller platform, contact us or the software provider.

What is the best way to upload a thumbnail for my instruction Quick Guide?

Save your Quick Guide as a pdf. Screen shot the title page and upload it to your listing via the seller platform.

I am having trouble logging into my seller account. How can I get support?

For support with InstantX’s seller platform, contact us or the software provider.

I am having trouble setting up my seller profile. How can I get support?

For support with InstantX’s seller platform, contact us or the software provider.

How will I know when someone purchases my Quick Guide?

You will receive an email confirming when someone purchases your Quick Guide.

How will I get paid?

To become a seller, you must have a Pay Pal account that is connected to your bank. Funds will automatically be sent to your Pay Pal account.

How often do I need to update the information in my Quick Guides?

InstantX is committed to providing customers with accurate and up to date information. Sellers are
required to update their content every 4 months. If content is not refreshed within a four month period, the Quick Guide will be removed from InstantX and no longer be for sale. Quick Guide star ratings and customer reviews are made public to help enforce InstantX’s commitment to quality content.

Instead of selling instructional Quick Guides, can I sell my services on InstantX?

Yes. Please contact us as we will need to reconfigure a few things on our end to enable this.

I would like to sell information on a topic/ collection that InstantX does not currently feature. How can I suggest the new collection to InstantX?

InstantX is happy to create a new collection for you. Please submit this form to suggest a new Quick Guide collection.

I received an email saying an order was placed and/or a payment was captured. The email is advising me to fulfill and/or deliver the ordered products. What do I do?

No action is required. Digital products are automatically emailed to customers upon checkout.

Tips for Selling Instructional Quick Guides

Keep the following in mind when developing Quick Guides:

  • Keep them short and concise: the average length of a Quick Guide is 1-2 pages. We do not recommend exceeding 15 pages
  • Simplify overwhelming tasks: break them down into steps, use bullet points and simple language, include screen shots
  • Sell your competitive advantage: optimize your seller listing, develop a compelling title for your product (that's SEO-friendly, of course), ensure your products have an attractive, relevant thumbnail. Feel free to utilize the Quick Guide template provided by InstantX if you do not have a formal design
  • Offer competitive pricing: buyers on instantX tend to be from in-house marketing teams or beginner digital marketers
  • Update your content 3 time a year: keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry to ensure your products don't expire after 4 months


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