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+ How do I receive my purchase?

Your digital Quick Guide is sent to you via email upon successful check out.

+ How can I purchase a Quick Guide?

Purchases can be made with a gift card, Visa or Mastercard.

+ How do I become a seller on InstantX?

Apply here.

+ How do I know if the Quick Guide i'm purchasing is accurate and up to date?

We understand that the game of digital marketing is constantly evolving. We aim to ensure Quick Guides sold on InstantX are accurate and up to date by ensuring that sellers refresh their content every 4 months. If content is not refreshed within a four month period, the Quick Guide is removed from InstantX and will no longer be for sale. Quick Guide star ratings and customer reviews are made public to help your buying decision. 

If you have recently purchased a Quick Guide and believe that the content is not accurate or up to date, please report the issue.

+ What if a Quick Guide does not exist for my question?

We are happy to have a Quick Guide developed for you. Please submit a request for a new Quick Guide.

+ What are the requirements for a refund?

Refund requests may be accepted if the Quick Guide or service you purchased is inaccurate. Proof of inaccuracy from a reliable source must be provided for proper investigation.

+ How can I request a refund?

Refunds can be requested via email upon receipt of purchase.

+ How can I buy an InstantX gift card?

Shop here.

What currency are InstantX pricing in?

The pricing on InstantX is listed in U.S dollars.

I am a registered InstantX seller and require support.

Please contact us and a representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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