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InstantX is a marketplace to buy and sell SEO Quick Guides. Quick Guides are developed by SEO experts for beginners.

SEO made easy.

Beginner-friendly, concise and affordable SEO Quick guides.

Are you a student or beginner digital marketer interested in learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Administrative or sales professional with marketing duties? A business owner or in-house marketer with a mission for your website to appear in top search results? If so, you're in the right place.

InstantX makes digital marketing accessible to professionals from
various backgrounds with Quick Guides on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that are tailored for beginners. They provide thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to successfully execute SEO techniques.

Skip hours of online research executing SEO in-house. Save thousands of dollars outsourcing SEO experts.

What is an SEO Quick Guide?

SEO Quick Guides are suitable for beginners. They are short, step-by-step instructions outlining how to execute specific SEO techniques.

  • The average Quick Guide is 1-2 pages in length or a short video
  • They breakdown SEO tasks into easy steps or templates
  • They are created by SEO experts
  • Shop SEO Quick Guides

    Shop SEO Quick Guides

    Quick Guides are available on a vast range of SEO topics.

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    Check Out

    SEO Quick Guides are affordable and suitable for beginners, educators and corporate marketing teams of all sizes.

  • Download via Email

    Download via Email

    Upon checkout, Quick Guides are available for download via email. SEO Quick Guides can be saved for reference and long-term digital marketing support.

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